Welcome to Pod Thrower!

Finally, an easy way to get files you have downloaded into your favorite podcasting program (iTunes, Zune, Juice, etc) as podcasts. The application runs in your system tray and runs a WCF Service to serve up folders on your computer you would like as a podcast feed. You can then paste the proper url into you podcasting app and the files will download just like any other podcast.

The installer gives permission for WCF to host a service on http://localhost:4242/podthrower/ without running as administrator.

After installing, you can launch "Pod Thrower" from your start menu (it is also added to the startup folder).

To configure, double click on the magnifying glass on your system tray. From there, you can define folders that will be rendered into podcasts along with an image that will be displayed for the feed and a title. You can click the copy button next to each feed to copy the RSS url to your clipboard. To shut down the service, click on the red minus icon in the editor window. Closing the app will automatically save the changes.

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